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Lifestyle Financial Plan and Business Plans

We follow a 6 step client engagement process which enables us to collect relevant data to prepare your personal lifestyle plan. Whilst planning, we focus on wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth management. Once prepared, your lifestyle plan is presented to you and becomes your financial action plan to work with during your wealth creation journey.


When engaging with clients we plan for our client’s goals and not their money. We utilize inflation targeting investment strategies and recommend methods of implementation which aligns with clients investment objectives. Each strategy is actively managed and the level of exposure to various asset classes is determined in order to achieve the strategy’s target at an appropriate level of risk. We offer exposure to both local and offshore portfolios. Our investment offering extends to stock brokering services and portfolio management. We also utilize Portfolio Managers to structure bespoke portfolios for clients. Depending on client’s investment goals and aspirations, we also offer exposure to offshore investment options to our clients.


Planning for retirement is an area that most clients often tend to neglect as they view the time period to retirement as too far off into the future. We often demonstrate the concepts of time and compound interest and the benefits linked to saving for retirement in your early twenties. According to statistics, the mortality rates for South Africans are increasing. The average age of death is now age 70 for males and 83 for females. When discussing retirement planning with clients we factor this into the retirement conversation. We also advise on post retirement planning and offer clients retirement options as they enter their golden years.
We highly recommend that when clients resign or are retrenched, they consider the benefits of preserving their retirement benefits. Our Financial Planners offer advice on both the tax implications associated with these events as well as methods to mitigate this.


Guided by a client’s Lifestyle Financial plan we provide clients with appropriate risk solutions based on risk(s) identified. This ranges from risk cover, permanent and temporary disability, critical illness and loss of income benefits.


We cater for client’s last will and testament needs. Our offering does include revision of existing wills and will custody options. Estate planning is a vital component of lifestyle/integrated wealth planning and forms part of our offering to you, our client. Trusts are instrumental in the wealth creation process. We assist clients with the setting up of new Trusts. Where a client does have an existing trust we do offer trust review options. Requests for offshore trusts have increased over the last few years and this is included this in our client offering.


Simply put, we assist Businesses stay in Business. When advising Business clients we offer cash analysis as our core offering to these clients. Being a Business ourselves, we appreciate the need that Businesses have to ensure steady cash flow. To complement Cash Flow Analysis we offer Cash Management solutions to businesses. Our rates are competitive and market related. We empower clients to accommodate for business continuity or business exit plans. We offer solutions to Businesses to successfully implement these strategies in the future.  Employees are the backbone of any company. We do cater for staff benefit options should clients require this for their staff members.


It is said that the only certainty in life is death and taxes. When assisting clients with Lifestyle Financial planning we advice clients by taking the most tax effective solutions into account. We focus strongly on tax implications in relation to client’s investments as well as estate planning.


All Financial Planners in our Practice are accredited to offer Advisory and Intermediary services. We do offer products to clients to complement our Lifestyle Financial plan. We presently hold contracts with reputable Product Providers, namely PPS, Liberty Life, Momentum, Old Mutual and Sanlam. We believe in offering clients choice and we are an Independent Advisory Practice.


All Financial Planners in our Practice are accredited to offer Advisory and Intermediary Services. We offer financial products to clients to complement our Lifestyle or Business plans. WE presently hold contracts with reputable Product Providers, namely, Liberty Life, Momentum, Old Mutual, Sanlam and PPS.




Our Compliance function is administered by Moonstone Information Refinery (Pty) Ltd. Moonstone is an “uncompromised independent support network for Financial Services Providers”.


Opulentus Wealth is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, license number 46026.
As a business requirement, we hold Professional  Indemnity  insurance cover underwritten by AON.                                                                
Opulentus Wealth Management has a Conflict of Interest management  policy  which is   available to clients upon request. Where applicable all client information will be held by Opulentus Wealth Management on a confidential basis and will not be made available  to  third  parties in adherence to the Promotion  of  Access  to  Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA).